Drugs not working? Yoga for Fibromyalgia may be the answer!

The numbers don't lie. A growing number of women have found Yoga for Fibromyalgia as a healthy alternative to medication. The latest research has concluded that only 30 % of drug therapies for fibromyalgia are effective. Yoga mats are the new thing to have.

With physical benefits which include:

Flexibility, Strength, Muscle Tone, Pain Prevention, Stress Reduction, and Mental Relaxation, It's easy to see why fibromyalgia and yoga have become a great match for many women.

It may be new to you, but Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years. It originated in India to help bring together the Trinity of well being, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

I have trained women who have found yoga to be beneficial and some women who have not. Like everything for fibromyalgia what may work for one may not work another. The trick is to test the waters and see what works for you.

Yoga is definitely something you should consider if you find yourself stiff from your fibromyalgia tender points.

Yoga is made up of 3 parts:

Postures: These postures help to relive tension and build your endurance by improving your circulation. They are stretches that are held for a short period of time to stretch your muscles.

Breathing: Yoga also involves breathing to increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles while reducing stress.

Meditation: While holding a pose and breathing, followers are encouraged to focus on a single object to achieve a higher state. This also helps to relax you and reduce stress.

Many women who have found success with their fibromyalgia and exercise have also found success with yoga for fibromyalgia. For many women suffering from lower back pain yoga has many poses which involve lower back stretches.

Like your fibromyalgia exercises, you should begin your yoga slowly. Try it for just 10-15 minutes a day and build up from that. Keep a journal of what postures feel o.k. and which ones hurt a little.

Depending on your fibromyalgia symptoms and trigger points, one type of yoga might be better for you.

Types of Yoga:

Hatha Yoga: A slow and mellow form of yoga consisting of flowing poses.

Bikram Yoga: Very challenging. Performed in a heated studio.

Ashtanga Yoga: Power yoga for those who are physically fit.

Vinyasa yoga: Good for people suffering from chronic pain and other injuries. Focuses on balance.

If you choose yoga for fibromyalgia, be sure to know which form you will be doing. Don't go in blindly thinking all forms are the same. Just like exercise for fibromyalgia, some routines will be better than others.

I have personally tried yoga and have found it to be a great workout for balance and strength. Two things which many fibromyalgia sufferers lack.

I am not a certified yoga instructor but I do incorporate yoga stretches at the end of my sessions to relax my clients. One of my favorites is the the Cat - Cow Stretch.

A great thing about yoga for fibromyalgia is that you can do it almost anywhere. All that is needed is a quality yoga mat which should cost between 10-15 dollars.

Yoga for fibromyalgia back pain has been proven to diminish the pain fibromyalgia sufferers deal with.

Many lower back problems are caused by hours spent sitting at a desk or driving. Yoga poses like "Downward Facing Dog" can help you become more aware of your posture thus alleviating stress to your back.

If you are having difficulty sleeping at night, yoga can give you some much needed relaxation before you hit the bed. One aspect of yoga which I believe really works well for fibromyalgia sufferers is the emphasis on breathing.

The breathing techniques involved make yoga for fibromyalgia a natural fit. Many sufferers have a difficult time in relaxing and winding down. This makes trying to sleep at night even more challenging.

Yoga's breathing exercises will improve your flexibility and induce relaxation prior to sleep. Although I don't recommend any strenuous exercise before retiring at night. I would absolutely recommend that you practice yoga breathing techniques. As you see..... Yoga for fibromyalgia has many benefits for you. I am not an expert on yoga. I am an expert in motivating women to get up and get moving.

If you are tired or bored of regular exercise, I would suggest you take a serious look at yoga for your fibromyalgia treatment plan. Like exercise for fibromyalgia, the benefits greatly outweigh any negatives when it come to your recovery.

From yoga for fibromyalgia to fibromyalgia fitness
From yoga for fibromyalgia to fibromyalgia exercises


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