Combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia with a healthy conscious.

If you have found this site you are probably already familiar with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The fibromyalgia trigger points, exhaustion, sleepless nights, I.B.S....

I won't bore you with the countless number of symptoms of fibromyalgia which sufferers deal with every day and night. Below I have included a link to a free fibromyalgia symptom checklist.

If you have had a fibromyalgia diagnosis and are suffering from these symptoms we would like to give you some motivation and encouragement. If you have recently had a fibromyalgia diagnosis you are probably feeling afraid, confused, and all alone...

These are normal feelings, but you should know - you are not alone!

Think about this truth;

"Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit"

Napoleon Hill said that many years ago and it is still true today.

What you must do is find out the greater benefit of your symptoms of fibromyalgia...

Maybe you find that in a year or two, you are actually living a much healthier life. You are eating healthier and doing some form of fibromyalgia exercise.

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Click here for a free fibromyalgia symptom checklist.

Fibromyalgia-Fitness will always be here to encourage and motivate you through your journey with fibromyalgia. There may be things you like about what we say at times. Other times you might not like what we have to say, But we will always keep it very real with you.

Can you fight your symptoms of fibromyalgia? You better believe it. After getting a fibromyalgia diagnosis many sufferers unfortunately begin to look at themselves and their surroundings with a "illness conscious". Meaning they begin to live, breathe, act and think fibromyalgia.

The first step to relieving your symptoms of fibromyalgia is to renew your mindset from that of an "illness conscious" to that of a "Healthy conscious" You ask how you can accomplish that when you have no control over your pain and fatigue? Do you have control over your thoughts? You do and this is where the transformation must begin - in your thoughts.

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Your fibromyalgia may not ever go away, that is the truth. It is also the truth that you may be able to control them with a healthy mindset which leads you to get stronger both physically and mentally. This is the seed of the greater benefit of fibromyalgia.

I suffer from ulcerative colitis and although it's not fibromyalgia, it's not fun. My percentage of developing colon cancer just went up 30 percent. My mind stays focused on what I need to do to beat it.

I have been able to shed unwanted fat, eat healthier, and stay mentally positive. How? With a healthy conscious, a mindset that tells me if I focus on what I desire out of life, life itself will bring it to me.

So try not to focus to much on fibromyalgia or your fibromyalgia diagnosis. Transform your mind from "sick" to "healthy". Relieve those tight fibromyalgia trigger points with healthy fibromyalgia exercise and focus on a good diet for fibromyalgia.

"Immune to fear, blind to the possibility of failure"

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Eric Suarez is a Certified fitness instructor who has been advising men and women on how to live a healthy life in spite of fibromyalgia.