"Use progressive muscle relaxation to relieve your tight muscles and get a better nights sleep"

Progressive muscle relaxation is another valuable option available to Fibromyalgia sufferers. It has been around since 1920, and was first used to relieve anxiety.

It is simply a method of tensing up your muscles for a few seconds, and then releasing and relaxing them. This assists the muscle with blood flow and strength.

It can be done sitting or lying down. It should always be done whenever you feel the rush of stress/anxiety coming on.

The chronic pain you feel daily will leave you fatigued. Fibromyalgia fatigue is among the worst symptoms for you.

Even if you are getting in your exercise and eating right, being awake for 24 hours can break your spirit.

Stress, anxiety, fibro fog, insomnia..........

Hang in there and don't quit on yourself!

Always, Always, Always remain optimistic about your future.

Use the following relaxation method to help you with the Fibromyalgia pain relief you desire. Keep at it. Don't give up after 1, 2 or even 3 attempts.

The better you get at relaxing your mind along with your body, the better you will feel. Back to progressive muscle relaxation..........

You don't need any equipment, just a quiet place of solitude, a chair or bed and quietness..........

Begin by being still for a moment with your eyes closed.

Empty your mind of all you have going on.

Next, begin to tighten the muscles in your face.

Feel your your eyes, cheeks and nose become tight.

HOLD FOR 10 SECONDS................

And release.......

Continue this practice with your:

    • Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands

    • Stomach and Chest

    • Legs and Feet

    When finished, just sit or lay there keeping quiet.

    Feel every muscle in your body relax............ Use progressive muscle relaxation everyday, until it becomes second nature.

    I am what you would call a Type A personality. A few years back I.............

    • Lost my father

    • Sold my house

    • Got married

    • and Began my business

    All from April 18 to May 20th, 1 month!

    Talk about stress and anxiety......

    It wreaked havoc on my body, and I began to suffer from painful Ulcerative Coltis......

    It took me several years of exercise, diet, and RELAXING MY MIND to be healthy again.

    If you are suffering from chronic pain, Fibromyalgia fatigue or just need some Fibromyalgia pain relief, you have to keep moving, keep trying different things......

    Eventually the pay off will be there.......

    Try the Progressive muscle relaxation method.......

    I have used it throughout the years and it has helped me.....I know it can do the same for you,

    Go for it!

    From progressive muscle relaxation to fibromyalgia fitness


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