Pregnancy question?

by Diane

I am a weight loss surgery patient; after I lost
weight I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have since lived a rather
miserable life, especially with gastrointestinal problems. I'm actually in a
flare-up now and it prevents me from being interested in food because of
abdominal discomfort and due to my choice of surgery it isn't uncommon for me
to begin losing weight again at a rapid pace. I'm not complaining about that
I'm complaining about the discomfort and the fact that I'm 41 and am
considering getting pregnant as I have waited until I thought I was in better
health. I'm looking for as much reliable information as I can get to make my
hopeful pregnancy a little bit smoother as I don't expect a perfectly easy
time, I would welcome the joy of at least one child without being intimidated
by fibro. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Mar 12, 2012
Pregnancy question?
by: Tanya

Hi!! I really hope that I can speak to you personally because I am beginning to live pain free with just a couple simple changes with how I treat myself, diet but MOST IMPORTANT...the most amazing vitamins I've EVER taken. I only started with the multivitamin and next step is for bone and joint health...there's also a prenatal line, heart health line, and TONS more PLUS other products that are all natural and I swear they ALL TRULY WORK!!! I know you don't know me and you have no reason to trust me but as a fellow fibro sufferer, I figured what do I have to lose and it was the best decision I've ever I'm slowly weening myself off of the drugs and using the vitamins. The results so far are amazing!!! So please, just take 45 minutes of your time to see what I'm talking about (what do you have to lose?) if you want to find out, email me at and we'll set you AND ANYONE ELSE WITH CRONIC PAIN AS WELL.
Trust me, it's changed my life!!

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