"Use pool exercises to drown your fibromyalgia pain"

Pool exercises are one of the new treatments for fibromyalgia gaining a lot of attention. Who doesn't like the pool, the beach, the hot tub.......

There is just something that relaxes and mellows you out once you dip your feet in. Water exercises are easy on the joints and assist with range of motion.

If you suffer from fatigue and chronic muscle pain, water exercise can be the fibromyalgia medicine you have been looking for.

I am a huge advocate of water exercise for the healthy and unhealthy alike. I have been swimming since the age of 9 and would choose water exercise over any other form of fitness training.

Unfortunately when you live in the northeast there is just so much time throughout the year when you can enjoy the water.

Water exercise / pool exercises, are the easiest workouts for people who suffer from fibromyalgia.

The natural buoyancy of the water will assist your moves. The water will give you the soft resistance needed to keep your joints and muscles healthy. If you don't have one of your own, pool exercises can be done at the local YMCA. Many physical therapy locations now offer some sort of exercise pool / aqua fitness.

If you have the means to have a certified aqua fitness trainer come to your home to train you I highly recommend it. You will learn different routines and will be able to pick and choose which ones work best for your chronic muscle pain.

Another option for you would be to get certified in aqua fitness and help others relieve their fibromyalgia joint pain.

When it comes to your fibromyalgia and fitness remember their are thousands of others like you who can benefit from someone who knows where they are coming from. Obviously when we talk about pool exercises your going to need some equipment like...........

A Pool. These can run from $1,500 to $45,000 and above. A good mid range above the ground pool is all you need to get in some quality pool exercises.

Remember variety is the key when we speak about fitness.

As I train throughout the year I know that in the winter months I will be strength training at home due to the weather.

When the spring arrives I will then implement some cardio / aerobic training outside. When the summer arrives I will be in the water whenever I get the chance. My pool exercises always include swimming or paddle surfing at the beach.

This form of training accomplishes two things:

First it keeps your muscles and joints guessing. That is needed since our muscles are very adaptive to our training methods. Meaning your body will begin to adapt to whatever exercises you are doing forcing you to enhance your training to get the same results.

Secondly this kind of fitness training keeps it fun. I spent many years forcing myself into a boring gym, doing the same boring exercises and wasted away too much time.

These days I train half of the time with much better results.

So the point is:

Just get moving!

Fibromyalgia exercise has to be fun and it has to be varied occasionally. Pool exercises is one way to do this.

If you are lucky enough to live where the climate is warm....Hit the beach or the lake. Water exercise can be accomplished in just 3 to 4 feet of water. Most water exercise will involve pulling and pushing.


Items you will need:

Water (ha,ha), Towel, Watch (water resitsnt), Aqua fins to increase resistance (optional).

Always begin with some type of warm up. Just walking in the water extending your legs out and exaggerate the motion is a good warm up. Do this for 5 minutes.

Front kicks, bring your knee up to your waist and kick out your foot 10 times each leg then repeat.

Side kicks, keeping your right leg strait extend it diagonally past your left knee and back 10 times, repeat with each leg twice.

Front push/Back push, Arms stretched out to your sides. slowly pull them together clapping your hands and then slowly back out 10 times and repeat.

Front fly's, Arms stretched out to your sides,shoulder height. Slowly pull your arms downward to your sides touching your thighs then return upward, 10 times then repeat. How can I talk about pool exercises without mentioning swimming.

Among many experts to be the best overall exercise for the entire body. I am always in search of an exercise that will give me the results I achieve through swimming, I'm still looking.

If you are capable, swim for 20 - 30 seconds then rest for 1 minute and repeat. Ultimately there is no better water exercise for your chronic muscle pain.

If you are in search of a natural fibromyalgia treatment please consider pool exercises / water exercise. The cost of the equipment may be a bit high but the results will outweigh the cost I can guarantee. Look to your community centers and local YMCA for other water fitness options.

As always the key to your fibromyalgia exercise program is to always Keep Moving!

Whether it is on the ground or in the water, Stay in motion.

From pool exercises to fibromyalgia fitness


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