My Journey With Fibromyalgia

by Joan K. Brown
(Westville, NJ US )

My first RA doctor gave me an answer as to why I had pain all over my body,constantly,part of my body was in pain,daily. This occured after I was hit with a ball in the back of my head,while teaching school. A few years before this accident, I was involved in an automobile accident. I visited numerous doctors and they all thought that my discomfort was all in my mind. The RA doctor called it fibrositis. He told me that the only teatment for me was physical therapy and pain medication. I have many allergies so the only med that I would take was tylenol. As the years progresed,I returned to my teaching position,my day started with heat applied to my joints and exercise, before going to work. My health did not improve, so I finally reached the age of retiremnet and I was relieved. I am a very active person; therfore I was hired by local school districts as a substitute teacher. I could teach on good days. To date,I am trying to be as active as I can when I have less pain. I have a very supportive husband,
my adult children are all living there lives,and I try not to complain. I have written and published two fictional novels, Looking In The Mirror and On the Last Pew. These two books are on and Barnes and nobel.If anyone is interested in my fictional books,you may go to or call 888.280.7715,or you may order from your own vender. In the early days,there was no inflamation in the joints. Has this theory changed?

To date,I am taking 75 MG of amitriptyline,sometimes only 50MG(at bedtime),and (tylenol),only when I can not cope.I exercise at home now with tapes,DVD.I started TAI CHI for seniors.This is not working for me. I can not feel any energey,and my hands,arms and shoulders hurt more.

I did try tap dancing -I love dancing, but I have taken a break,and I am trying these exercises on this web site.
I have a supportive husband,who helps me with the housework.He is still employed. I do hope that there will be a cure for fibromyalgia in the future,perhaps not for my generation .but for the younger patients.
Please excuse my spelling,part of my fibo-fog.I do hope to hear from you.

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