I'll Never Nanna Nap

by Gayle Lemmon
(Cairns, Australia)

The pain is coming back....toes, feet, slowly it creeps up my legs, like an idyllic stream it meanders and flows slowly up my body. Nothing is immune to this pain..... eyes, neck, head, hands etc...the list goes on. Gradually ill begin to get tired and slowly my eyes shut, quickly blinking l try to keep awake. A few seconds later or was it a minute my body jerks, crap l must have nodded off. This is no good l refuse to succumb to the dreaded nanna nap, it's time to move. Into my room l go......my sewing room, the best place after my bedroom in the house. Here l sew to my hearts content creating childrens clothes to sell on my online store. Amazing but my mind gets taken away from all the pain and tiredness that had previously consumed me. Some people say "doesn't it make you worse" my answer is "no, it's my medicine". I stay sewing until those other duties begin to call "What's for dinner?.....When will we eat?" Bugger now l have to face those demons again (pain and tiredness that is).

I totally have to have the motivation some days to overcome what the Fibromyalgia is doing to me. As yes l do have days that l don't know how it will end, but l push this and other thoughts aside and think about my husband, children, four gorgeous grandchildren and the goal that l have set myself with my sewing and online childrens clothing business.

My first doctor told me when l asked about excercise "no it's too physical don't even think about it". Yes l was programmed to go home and waste my life away to pain and suffering. Eric thank you for showing me this isn't so as now l CAN and WILL get my life back, as you have inspired me to do this. I can do this l will defeat Fibromyalgia and thank God l didn't succumb to those nanna naps.

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Jun 19, 2012
The Beginning- Week 1
by: Gayle

So today l start on my new journey, l know that this isn't going to be easy or pain free but it has to be done. This is day one and l have began my new diet and no longer will l be tempted by the things that l shouldn't eat. I also asked my boss for 8 weeks off to help me achieve my goal, which she happily agreed too as she wants and knows that l will return as a new and vibrant worker. Until l start my leave my exercise plan is too start slowly with the stretching exercises as l would rather be completely free from work before l begin any hard exercises. This will begin in the second week of July when l will be able to fully focus on my new exercise regime.

My plan is that l will share with anyone that is interested in my efforts once a week, so every Monday an update of my efforts will be posted. Untill next Monday keep safe, and stay positive as l aim too.

Jun 18, 2012
True inspiration!
by: Eric Suarez

Thank u for your comment Gayle.

I am sure our readers will also be motivated and inspired. Continue to fight and be Happy!!

Eric Suarez,CPT.

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