"The Goal Setting Motivation Theory has helped millions to enhance their lives"

The Goal Setting Motivation Theory simply states that any goal you aim for - diet, health, success, should be Specific, Measurable, and Time targeted.

Your goals need to be realistic. You can eat better, but is it realistic to think you will be 10 pounds lighter in a week? Why is goal setting and motivation so important to your health?

Because without goals and motivation, it is very easy to get distracted and give up too soon. Finding motivation to lose weight is much easier when you have specific goals.

A good definition of motivation:

"It is that which propels us".

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia what propels you to get up in the morning? Through the pain, through the sleepless nights, through the anxiety?

Maybe it is your kids or your work. These are things that you know depend on you. How about your health? Do you think that your body depends on you to eat properly and exercise daily to feel better?

Yes, your body depends on your choices every day. If you have fibromyalgia, you, more than anyone else need to make the right decisions daily, although difficult, with goal setting and motivation it can be easy, even fun!

Lets start with Motivation to lose weight. Remember, these goals should be specific and realistic. Diet should be something you do primarily to have a healthier life and to rid yourself of your fibromyalgia pain.

So a specific and realistic goal may be to eat more protein in the morning instead of heavy carbs. Basically eggs over bagels. This is a specific goal and very realistic.

Your diet motivation should be to ease your fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Looking better and receiving compliments are the secondary benefits.

The reason so many women fail at "Dieting", is they fail to make realistic goals. It is impossible and totally unhealthy to believe that you can drop 3 dress sizes in a month.

"I will eat beween 50 - 70 grams of carbs a day" is doable.

"I will eat NO carbs today" is setting yourself up for failure and a very bad day!

For Fitness motivation and Diet motivation to really work, they should be measurable and time sensitive.

That is why I suggest weighing your self daily or every other day. You will be able to see your results and this will motivate you to continue.

As for being time targeted - you must Go Slow and Be Patient. Your fibromyalgia pain will not disappear in a week and neither should your weight.

A realistic, measurable, time targeted goal would be to lose 3 pounds of fat in a month.

Write down your goals for the month. Stick it on your mirror, somewhere you can see it everyday. I use pictures with some of my clients. Before pictures are extremely powerful. They will always motivate you to look better for the "after" picture taken after a month.

Your goals for your health need to be written down. These words are what are going to motivate you when your fibromyalgia pain intensifies and you don't want to get out of the bed.

Goals - Write them Down!

Goal Setting Motivation Theory - S.M.A.R.T.

  • S - Specific

  • M - Measurable

  • A- Action oriented, Yes "Action Oriented". That means that once your goals are specific, measurable, realistic, and time bound, it's time for Action.

    Now, I have been called "irresponsible" and "insensitive". Why?

    Because - I will not, can not, won't, take pity on you, if you suffer from fibromyalgia. If that is what you need, thanks for visiting and good luck.

    This site is about being positive and persistent, even when the chips are down. How else are you going to enjoy your self when you get better.

    I have heard how difficult life is with fibromyalgia. I have also seen the benefits of fitness for sufferers. I have seen women who could not get out of bed......... box, lift weights, and do push ups.

    Having the motivation to lose weight and get stronger is great. But what are you going to do with your motivation?

    Remember the definition of motivation? - It's what propels you. The "action", is propelling yourself into your goals.

    Instead of saying: "I will exercise this week" say "I AM going to exercise this week".

    Fibromyalgia is terrible on so many levels. The one thing which is more detrimental than the pain, is the FEAR it leaves sufferers with.

    Your fibromyalgia trigger points and pain, may have you believe that you can't or shouldn't move. That's not true. Your body is depending on you to help it get stronger to fight the fibromyalgia.

    You were born with many things, fibromyalgia was not one of them, it is a foreigner inside you that you need to dismiss.

    Exercise for fibromyalgia and a healthy diet can help you do this. Your fitness motivation should begin by looking forward to a future without fibro.

  • R - Realistic

  • T - Time targeted Your fitness motivation needs to include your future. Hold a picture in your mind of your future and what you want it to be.

    Are you running on the beach, dancing, holding your kids or grand kids.

    Keep that picture in your mind and hold it there until it happens. Hold it there through the pain and the sleepless nights, hold it there.

    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"............Eleanor Roosevelt. "When", not "If" - you fail and have a set back..........Relax. It won't be the end of the world. Do not become obsessed with perfection, you'll never win.

    Your motivation to lose weight is only as good as your motivation to be easy on your self.

    Don't obsess about your weight and what you eat at every single meal. Do obsess on becoming healthier and stronger, little by little.

    Reward yourself. Did you lose those 5 pounds? Go to the movies, eat out. Rewards are great motivators. Rewards will help you feel good about your accomplishments and motivate you to accomplish bigger and better things.

    Tell someone. A great motivation to lose weight and exercise is to simply tell people of your intentions. Now people are watching. What are you going to do?

    Do what you said you were gonna do and maybe you will inspire others to a healthier lifestyle.

    Fibromyalgia is rough but it's not the end of the road. Remain positive and create your motivation to lose weight one pound at a time.

    Remember your fitness goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic.

    The "Action" is the most important step in the goal setting motivation theory, so however little, take some action today.

    Your body is depending on you.

    "All things are possible to those that believe"..................Mark 9:23.

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