Use the Fibromyalgia trigger points diagram to map out your exercise routine

Typically the Fibromyalgia Trigger points Diagram is used to show sufferers, where their pain is, or where their pain should be. These trigger points are located at 18 different locations on a sufferers body, both above and below the waist, front and back.

Also called tender points or pain points, they are often described by sufferers as feeling like "charlie horses", tender to the touch.

They are one of the early signs of fibromyalgia.

Now that I have explained what trigger points are, I would like to discuss why exercise is so vital to strengthening your muscles, and relieving your trigger points.

In the diagram above, notice the location of each point, in relation to your own fibromyalgia trigger points.

More importantly, begin to see the map as a diagram for the muscles which need to be worked out daily. Notice the points on the legs, the points behind the neck, and on the back.

With simple exercises for lower back pain, exercises for knee pain, and exercises for neck pain, your trigger points can be loosened.

These areas are in desperate need of oxygen and blood flow. They need movement and an increased heart rate to accomplish this.

Stop thinking of the word exercise as having to be painful.

Exercise should be challenging, nothing more.

The diagram was created to illustrate the 18 locations on your body which cause the most pain. Instead use the diagram to erase your pain, not locate it.

You should exercise the points which give you most pain first. If you have multiple trigger points, begin from your feet up, exercises for heel pain.

If your points cause you to much pain to exercise, try easy stretches to loosen up.

From fibromyalgia trigger points diagram to fibromyalgia fitness
From fibromyalgia trigger points diagram to fibromyalgia trigger points


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