Are your fibromyalgia symptoms keeping you in fear?

Living with fibromyalgia symptoms such as fibromyalgia trigger points can cause your family, work, and social life to be dramatically altered.

Not only will your symptoms cause you great pain and chronic fatigue, but they may also create in you, a false sense of fear.

I do promote fibromyalgia exercise for those suffering from these tough symptoms. But I don't expect sufferers to just jump on board without the fear of more pain - it's only natural.

Extensive studies now show that sufferers who let their symptoms of fibromyalgia keep them in fear of exercising actually tend to become worse off than those sufferers who do exercise.

"Nobody likes pain," says John Fry, PhD, a psychologist in Newport Beach, Calif., and board member of the National Fibromyalgia Association. "You know how bad it's been in the past, you know how it's weighed you down, how you ended up in bed. You become fearful of moving around. You fear what it's going to be like if it is an episode coming on." - everyday health. Studies have also found that sufferers who don't exercise and keep to a healthy fibromyalgia diet become twice as likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

You know how difficult living with these fibromyalgia symptoms can be. But, it's important to remember that other sufferers are using healthy eating and fibromyalgia exercise everyday to combat their pain.

It has been shown, proven, and documented, that exercise for fibromyalgia can relieve the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia. But, what tends to happen is sufferers who fear more pain avoid physical activity and actually become more tired and suffer from even more pain.

There is also the issue of Hypersensitivity. Fibromyalgia sufferers develop a fear of pain and become more aware of any pain they are feeling. Sufferers who are always anxiously thinking about their fibromyalgia symptoms seem to focus more on their pain than on fibromyalgia exercise and getting better.

What are you focusing on today? Pain or getting healthier?

How can you become better at defeating the fear-of-Pain. How can you develop an attitude of focusing on your good rather than on your symptoms of fibromyalgia? There is hope, there is always a solution.

Researchers believe that relieving fear can go a long way toward relieving the pain. Why? Patients who accept that their condition inevitably involves a moderate amount of pain are better able to:

Focus on fun and enjoyable aspects of their life like taking a walk or going on a mini vacation. These people understand that the pain caused by their symptoms of fibromyalgia is not their fault, and they have not personally failed because they have pain.

Rather than focusing on fear you will better off to pursue lifestyle changes that could help reduce the pain. Fibromyalgia exercise and a healthy fibromyalgia diet are crucial at getting stronger. It is this physical strength and mental resolve which will equip you to combat your fibromyalgia symptoms.

It is also recommended that people who fear pain "fight the battle of the mind" by confronting their fears rather than being mastered by them.

It is also important for sufferers to focus on something else when they can feel the fear of pain coming on. I am totally convinced that we can all change the way we feel emotionally and physically by feeding ourselves healthy thoughts.

Fibromyalgia symptoms can cause you to fear pain and other things. Everyday, sufferers just like you are proving that with healthy physical activity and good thoughts, your pain can be reduced.

"Immune to fear, blind to the possibility of failure"

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Eric Suarez is a Certified fitness instructor who has been advising men and women on how to live a healthy life in spite of fibromyalgia.