Fibromyalgia Support Groups can help when all else fails

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Fibromyalgia support groups will grow.

Fibromyalgia does not exist in the shadows anymore. People know what it is and understand it's real. Women who were once timid about sharing their stories of pain and helplessness will now help others. Support groups which do not exist today - will in 2012.

That was a quote from my FIBRO-FIT newsletter. It's the truth. Groups which are created for fibromyalgia support will continue to grow every year until a fibromyalgia cure is revealed. If you choose to attend one, fibromyalgia support groups can be a very special part of your overall fibromyalgia treatment plan.

Some of my clients attend while others do not. I have heard some women complaining that all that is done at these fibromyalgia support groups is "bitching" and "complaining".

My ansewr is always the same. "Then change it".

Alongside healthy exercise I highly reccomend groups which specialize in fibromyalgia support. These are unique places where you can goand feel like you are not alone. This is where you get to feel like a part of the soluton and not just a part of the problem.

Unfortunately as I look online there are not to many listings of fibromyalgia support groups. It seems to me this is still part of the problem for fibromyalgia, the secrecy put into place by other sufferers.

What I would really like to see at these support groups is the inclusion of physical activities for sufferers to take part in. I know of a few support groups that do have special hosts on occassion who teach tai chi and yoga.

Click to learn more about yoga for fibromyalgia. I know of a few support groups that welcome friends and family members to sit in on thier meetings. If for some reason you are unable to find any groups in your area which offer support, why not start one your self? What better way to find your purpose and help others.

When attendig these meetings you should always go with an open mind. Go to these meetings with an attitude of helping others. If you go expecting the entire group to have answers for all of your problems, you are going to be very dissapointed.

Remember it's all about building relationships and being a positive influence on others. Until there is more research done on a fibromyalgia cure, it's important to keep your self active and ready to help other fibromyalgia sufferers.

Your treatment for fibromyalgia should include talking, sharing, lending support. These are powerful sources of motivation for yourself and others. That is exactly why these support groups are so important to sufferers.

How many are sitting home right now withering away? Why not attend one of these support groups and get a little motivation. Don't just sit and wait for a fibromyalgia cure while the world passes you by. Get in the game, get involved.

Like I said in my predictions, fibromyalgia support groups will continue to grow in 2012. This is a good thing. Fibromyalgia is going to be around a while and sufferers are getting very proactive with their own treatment for fibromyalgia. Support groups are one way of fighting back and taking control of what fibromyalgia has tried to steal from you.

    • Some tips for attending fibromyalgia support groups.

    • Before you attend a meeting, set a number of people you want to meet and introduce yourself. 3-5 is generally a good number.

    • Walk in with a smile on your face (even if you don't feel like it). A smile welcomes people to want to meet you.

    • Go with your introduction already memorized.

    • Stay after the meeting is over to help out. Some of the best relationships are built after meetings.

    The positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to fibromyalgia.

    Sure, hoping for a fibromyalgia cure is o.k. but you should be proactive in getting some fibromyalgia support for yourself. The days of sufferers having no choices are over and gone.

    Fibromyalgia support groups are a big reason why. So go for it, throw your hat in the ring and find a support group in you loaction today.

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