"You have enough on your mind. This fibromyalgia nutrition guide will help you make the right choices"

Your fibromyalgia nutrition will play a vital role in the management of your pain. Many of my clients want to know which foods are the best for losing weight, better sleep, and pain reduction.

Remember this combination:

Fibromyalgia equals Pain & Pain equals Inflammation.

Fibromyalgia research has yet to find a cause for the pain. It has identified inflammation as a reason behind the cause.

There are herbs, vitamins and fibromyalgia supplements which can help with your pain and stress. See Hebs and Supplements for fibromyalgia. For the purposes of this page we will stick to fibromyalgia and nutrition.

Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Oils, and Proteins, are all in the mix.

I don't mean to sound rude, but:

If you are overweight your fibromyalgia is the least of your worries.

Studies show that even carrying around an extra 5 pounds of weight can be harmful to your body.

The best thing about fibromyalgia nutrition is it will decrease the pain while diminishing the waist line with minimal effort on your part.

More great information at www.wellhumanbeing.com

When it come to vegetables remember to Go Green!

Go with any type of lettuce, collard greens, green beans, celery, and my 2 favorites, broccoli and spinach. Go crazy, mix it up a bit and throw some spice into it.

I Never liked vegetables until I tasted them with garlic and other spices. Now I eat them at every meal and I swear I feel refreshed when I'm done.

As far as organic, Go for it if it suites you. Organic or not just eat the stuff. Greens are what your body is craving, fresh from the earth good stuff.

This summer my step-father barbecued peaches. Man were they good. You see that is what I am talking about. You have to start having fun with this stuff. Fruits are an amazing source of all types of disease preventatives.

Peaches, Apples, Papayas, Kiwi, Bananas, Mangoes, and my favorite Coconut. Coconut oil for fibromyalgia is starting to pick up momentum when it comes to pain prevention.

I like fresh fruit, but if canned is all you can get, it's all good. Again it's all how you choose to prepare and eat them. I can't eat fruit salad. I can eat a coconut right off a tree in Puerto Rico though.

Your fibromyalgia nutrition plan is what's going to make or break your pain. Trust me, if you just commit to one healthy choice this week you will have made great progress. Next week add another and so on.

Nuts are not only good for squirrels, you need them to. They are packed with Protein which is what your muscles are craving, especially after exercising. Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts, and Pistachios.

I like to eat a couple of handfuls a day. Use nuts as your snacks when at the office or in the car. High in fat but that's o.k. if you are getting your fibromyalgia exercise.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about a year ago. Exercise and Omega 3 fish oil have basically cured me. Start as soon as possible, oils are great.

Extra virgin olive oil, Flax seed oil, Fish oil, it's all good. I eat Extra virgin olive oil with every meal. I will pour some on salads, vegetables, toast, meats, fish, whatever....

I eat Protein first thing every morning. Eggs, Chicken, Cheese, Fish, Beef, Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Whey.

Try to eat some protein within a half hour of getting up in he morning. Eggs, a shake, yogurt or cottage cheese.

Remember at night, just because you are sleeping, does not mean your body is not craving food. when you get up in the morning your body is famished. If you suffer from fibromyalgia you need to immediately get some protein into your system or your pain will intensify.

I was sticking with egg whites in the morning because of the debate with yolk and cholesterol.

As of yesterday 02/11/2011, new research suggests that former studies claiming that egg yolks were high in bad cholesterol were wrong. Remember fibromyalgia nutrition begins with education.

All of the above are a safe way to approach your fibromyalgia nutrition. They all have anti-inflammatory agents and are all around healthy.

Do not be surprised if you begin to feel less pain, drop a dress size or two, begin receiving compliments, get more dates, get a raise, and sleep a little better, all because you had fibromyalgia................U Never Know!

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