"Fibromyalgia in children can be very manageable with early diagnosis and healthy exercise"

Unfortunately, fibromyalgia in children is becoming a tough reality. If you are an adult and suffer from fibromyalgia, it is extremely important you exercise in front of your children and be a healthy example to them.

The fact is, children of fibromyalgia sufferers are highly likely to suffer from many of the same symptoms.

The good news is, with early diagnosis and fibromyalgia exercises, fibromyalgia in children can be more manageable than with adults.

The early signs of fibromyalgia can sometimes be a little more difficult to see in early teens. Remember the growth spurts you went through during puberty?

Sometimes these growth spurts make diagnosis a little more difficult, so it's always a good idea to seek out the advice of a fibromyalgia specialist.

Children with fibromyalgia do suffer from many of the same fibromyalgia trigger points as adults. This is important to know when exercise is used with children who suffer from fibromyalgia.

I have consulted with gym teachers who are concerned about exercise for students sufferering from fibromyalgia.

My first reccomendation is always the same when we speak about exercise for children with fibromyalgia,

The exercise, whatever it is, needs to be fun!

These kids already stress about their pain and fatigue. The last thing they need is more pressure.

This is also important to know as a parent. If you are involved in a exercise program of your own, try to find fun ways to include your kids. What do they enjoy doing? What sports are they into?

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you need to get your kids active and away from the BOOB TUBE.....

Trust me, I know this is not easy. I have a two year old at home and know how easy it is to let Dora the Explorer babysit for me.

Get your kids active in something physical. Find time during the day to do some fun exercise together. Go for a walk or kick a soccer ball around.

I don't recommend any high impact exercises such as running, it's too hard on the knees and the back.

Try some easy stretches or some yoga poses. Go to the videos section of this website to get some simple ideas.

Exercise should always be fun, challenging, but fun.

The good news is fibromyalgia in children is a lot easier to handle than fibromyalgia in adults. About two thirds of children sufferers will be able to manage and reduce their symptoms before adulthood.

Some fibromyalgia specialist recommend children suffering from fibromyalgia stay away from any competitive sports in school. Their reasoning is the added stress of being successful may overwhelm them.

One thing is for sure - Exercise for fibromyalgia is the key, there is no other way around it.

This sedentary life that so many of us live today will come back to haunt us.

Just to RECAP:

1. Children who have parents who suffer from fibromyalgia are at a higher risk to suffer from it.

2. Early diagnosis by a fibromyalgia specialist is important.

3. Exercise in front of your children, be a positive role model.

4. Exercise for fibromyalgia "MUST" be fun for them.

5. Fibromyalgia in children can be managed easier than with adults. If you suffer from fibromyalgia and have children, a healthy lifestyle can cover a multitude of symptoms.

Give yourself and your children a fighting chance.

Don't let fibromyalgia become part of your family!

God bless you and yours,

Eric Suarez...

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