"Got Fibromyalgia flares ? Stop them before they begin"

What are fibromyalgia flares?

You're fine for a while, happy and healthy. Living your life. Not a care in the world.

Then a little tingle, maybe a little pain.

Before you know it, your Fibromyalgia flares up, and your back to square one.

This is the stressful cycle that many fibromyalgia sufferers go through. It could be day to day, or month to month. In the back of your mind you are always waiting, anticipating.

Medication for fibromyalgia can give a little relief, but only for a while. Same with fibromyalgia supplements. There just seems to be nothing you can do for your fibromyalgia flares...........or is there? Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, wrote the classic,

The Power of Positive Thinking, and trust me, the stuff works.

I make no money referring books or supplements to you, but this book can change the way you think and feel.

Now - in no way am I saying that your fibromyalgia symptoms are all mental. I know fibromyalgia is painfully real.

What I am saying, is we must learn to act, think, and behave the way we want to feel. It's as easy as that!

I see it all the time, my clients are happy, keeping busy, exercising, working, and then BAM! fibromyalgia flares.

Almost 75 - 95% of the time, it is some underlying stress, anxiety, or fear, arousing their flares.

You must learn to actively remain focused on "Positive Thinking"

The problem is not when you have your fibromyalgia flares, the problem is when you feel most healthy.

It is usually this time, that you may begin to feel invincible again, forgetting your thinking patterns and your emotional well being.

Medication for fibromyalgia cannot change your thinking patterns. Not even a fibromyalgia patients diet can save her from fibromyalgia flares, unless she is committed to thinking positive at all times.

How do you think positive at all times?

It's not easy, and like exercise for fibromyalgia, you have to practice and re-train the way you think. Thinking positive takes patience and thought...........

Become active in thinking........about what your thinking about.

When stressful thoughts, anger, or anxiety, try to chirp in your ear...........Think about what your are thinking..........and then move on.

I know it sounds easier said then done.

The reality is I have done it, I am now healthy, after a serious battle with ulcerative colitis.

No worries............No flares!

And trust me - If I can do it - U can do it.

It took me a while to learn the power of positive thinking.

  • I read books on the subject

  • I faithfully thought about what I was thinking about daily

  • I never gave up, and most importantly, I kept the faith
Listen to positive music, watch positive shows, read positive material. Your fibromyalgia flares can be reduced, if not stopped altogether.

Fibromyalgia fitness is not only about remaining physically fit. I want your mental well being to remain strong as well. I know many physically fit people who are completely Nuts!

Start thinking healthy thoughts, keep at it. Don't just try for a week and then give up. This is powerful stuff. It takes time and practice, but I guarantee you a great outcome.

"Our physical condition is largely determined by our emotional condition, and our emotional life is profoundly regulated by our thought life" Dr. Norman V. Peale Remain positive!

Today make a commitment to putting your flares behind, and your healthy, bright future ahead.

Yes..................You can do it!

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