"Fibromyalgia and Exercise should be challenging, not painful"

Fibromyalgia and exercise, can be very intimidating words to someone who can't even make it out of bed in the morning. The word "exercise" can be very intimidating if you suffer from chronic muscle pain.

After all, isn't exercise meant to be painful? Doesn't the quote state:

"No pain no Gain?"

The definition of Exercise is as follows:

"The physical or mental exertion to increase skill or strength"

No mention of pain in there. If you are living with fibromyalgia and are looking for a natural fibromyalgia treatment, there are exercises for pain you can do.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia and fatigue, exercises like aerobics can help raise your energy levels. I know it seems counter intuitive, but the more exercise you do, the more energy you will have. Now be patient, it takes time for your body to adjust. If you have been inactive for a while, begin slow...........but Begin.

I have been called "irresponsible" and "unrealistic" to believe that women with fibromyalgia can exercise. Sorry, but I believe you can. Hope and belief can accomplish many things when combined. Don't ever believe there is something you cannot do, that is very dangerous.

Fibromyalgia and exercise, when combined, can also accomplish much. We may never know the cause of fibromyalgia or have a cure for fibromyalgia.

Don't concentrate and meditate daily on what you don't have. If you have 2 arms, 2 legs, and a head, you can accomplish amazing things...............even with fibromyalgia and fatigue!

Fibromyalgia-Fitness is in the business of creating a stronger, more confident person. With the use of optimism and exercise, I wholeheartedly believe you can achieve your dreams.

But it takes effort.

Living with fibromyalgia is not a death sentence. Although extremely painful, you must refuse to believe that your life cannot be fruitful.

Exercises for pain can be used to give your muscles and joints relief. Even if you just exercise for minutes a day, get your heart rate up a bit. This will help eliminate your stress and keep you motivated to do a little more each day. Take it slow, but take it.

Patience and persistence are necessary when dealing with fibromyalgia and exercise.

I believe the only real natural fibromyalgia treatment is exercise. Whether it is aquatics or walking, exercise in all forms should be challenging but not painful.

I am 6 foot tall and weigh 185 pounds. I am healthy and exercise every other day. "My training is Never painful" and neither should yours be.

Challenging means you should begin to breathe a little harder. Get your heart rate up and get the good oxygen in, bad stuff out. How do you know if your heart rate is raising? First you will begin to breathe a little heavier. Then you may begin to feel warm and start to sweat a little.

Find your pulse. It is on your wrist and on your neck, between you jaw and your ear. You should feel it pulsating a bit. When exercising, it should pulsate more than usual.

If you really want to get technical:

Take your age and subtract it from 220:

for example 220-39=181

Now take that number (181) and times it between 55% and 65%

for example 181x65=117 beats per minute.

How many times your pulse beats per minute. Now this is a little advanced, but something to shoot for, play around with it, get familiar with your body.

You probably feel as if fibromyalgia and fatigue have taken over your life. Stay positive, believing that the little steps you take day in and day out, will accomplish great things.

All in all, fibromyalgia and exercise should work together, not against each other. living with fibromyalgia is not easy, painful, but not easy.

Begin to dispel the myth that your exercise needs to be painful to work. It doesn't.

Begin to believe you can exercise your pain and stress away.

Begin to "Think, Act, and Feel Healthy"

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

From fibromyalgia and exercise to fibromyalgia fitness.

From fibromyalgia and exercise to what is fibromyalgia?


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