Quick exercises for fibromyalgia can give you the energy you need.

Why would I be recommending exercises for fibromyalgia to women who are already in pain and fatigued? I must be either:

A) Crazy


B) Have no idea of the pain and stress you endure.

Your right on both. You will not be the first person to call me crazy and I don't suffer from fibromyalgia. I can only give you the valuable information which has worked for many women that I have trained and are now strong and physically fit.

Activity is sure to breed a life full of motion and accomplishment!

When you realize how great the benefits of exercise are compared to the negatives, it is no wonder that the physical fitness industry is bursting at the seams with business, even in a recession. People are finally getting it.

Exercise for fibromyalgia and other diseases is desperately needed.

The pain associated with fibromyalgia tender points and fibromyalgia headaches are on thing. Your chronic fatigue is a different story. Who wants to feel drowsy and sleepy all day ?

You think you need rest - Wrong!

The Doctor told you to take sleeping pills - Wrong!

I am writing this on February 19, 2011. Yesterday America On Line Health news headline read "Rest May Not Be Best for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" Read it yourself.

The latest fibromyalgia research is also beginning to get it!

We Need Exercise!, not just you but everybody. Not to say I told you so.............But I did.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome treatments include stress counseling, medications, and even needles. I believe the future treatments will begin to place more emphasis on more natural answers.

The newest studies state that exercise and physical therapy are the ways to go. If you don't want to listen to me fine, this is what the experts are saying.

Of course I don't recommend that you go for a mile run just like that. It's extremely important to start slowly. When it comes to your exercises for fibromyalgia and your diet it's best to remember:

Slow and Steady Is the Way Today there are so many physical activities for you to be involved with there is really no excuse. You have:

Aerobics, Strength training, Interval training, Yoga, Swimming, Boxing, Dancing, Pilates , Bike riding, Functional training, for god sakes you even have the SHAKER!

There is just way too much out there for you to sit home and rest. Hire a personal trainer to go to your house if need be. Just make sure you are up front about your fibromyalgia. There are plenty of top notch trainers out there who can improve your way of life.

Here is a quick little workout that you can use to get you started right in your home:

Schedule a 20 minute block of time, No Phones, No T.V.

Find a area about 10 feet by 10 feet in your home.

Wear loose clothing and keep a towel close.

Use a stopwatch or wristwatch for time.

MUSIC! Your exercise has to be fun!

Now start with a 3 minute warm up:

Jog in place 30 seconds

Front Kicks 10 each side (keep your hands up as if you were boxing and just kick strait ahead)

Reach to the ceiling than down to your toes 10 times

Reach across your body left to right and then switch 15 times each

Jog in place 30 seconds

Repeat sequence until 3 minutes have elapsed.

Don't get excited that was just the warm up. If can you go further go for it, if not try again tomorrow!

If your fibromyalgia tender points are tight this warm up will help.

For this type of training we will go interval, meaning we can combine both aerobics and strength in a short allotted time frame, A quickie.

10-push ups, use the wall to begin and than try them on your knees working your strength up.

10-body weight squats, keeping your arms stretched in front of you attempt to squat down as if sitting in a chair and return.

Jog in place for 30 seconds

REST 1 minute

Jog in place for 30 seconds

10-push ups

10-body squats

10-front kicks each leg

REST 1 minute

Repeat from beginning until 17 minutes has elapsed.

Continue this routine until you can do them all in the allotted time. Do not push yourself to finish. When you can complete them all reduce your rest time.

If one day you feel super o.k., meaning you have no fibromyalgia headaches or fibromyalgia tender points, DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF!

Many women will outwork themselves on good days and then suffer double the pain the next day, take it slow.

The key with exercises for fibromyalgia is to have fun and elevate your mood. When this happens you will feel elated and accomplished.

Fibromyalgia can get you down, Don't let it keep you there!

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