Do I have Fibromyalgia? The answer is in your symptoms.

Do I have fibromyalgia?

Do I have chronic fatigue syndrome?

These are tough questions which are probably filled with anxiety and worry. In the past, a large number of fibromyalgia sufferers had to wait for years to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Doctors just did not know what to make of the syndrome, and so they failed to make the appropriate fibromyalgia diagnosis, leaving sufferers to fend for themselves.

Thankfully fibromyalgia research has caught up and given us some clues into the early signs of fibromyalgia, although a cause still escapes them.

Besides severe fatigue, some of the early signs of fibromyalgia are:

Fibromyalgia trigger points or tender points.

These are multiple pain points described as feeling like "charlie horses" on and around your body. They are located at 18 different locations, both above and below your waist.

Use the Fibromyalgia Trigger Point Diagram below to match your pain points.

On a side note, Trigger point massage therapy has been shown to help reduce the pain associated with fibromyalgia trigger points.

The fibromyalgia symptom checklist can assist anyone with the "Do I have fibromyalgia?" question. It is a comprehensive checklist of over 50 fibromyalgia symptoms such as fibro fog and fibromyalgia trigger points.

Although this seems to be a lot of symptoms, don't be surprised if other fibromyalgia symptoms are not included. Fibromyalgia can distinctly effect sufferers in many different ways.

There are many women who can complete a set of fibromyalgia exercises easily, while others are unable to leave the bed in the morning.

Fibromyalgia symptoms are wide ranging. This can lead you to become confused and frustrated.

Remain calm and positive.

With the right diet and exercise, fibromyalgia can be subdued, believe it!

"Do I have Fibromyalgia" is a serious question which may leave you feeling overwhelmed. I have been there. I can tell you if you are diagnosed, it gets easier.

Let Fibromyalgia-Fitness help.

Proper Exercise and Diet are powerful!

Below I have attached a free link to a very simple and detailed Fibromyalgia Symptom Checklist.

Use it, but always seek out a proper diagnosis from your Doctor. Click here for your free Fibromyalgia Symptom Checklist.

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