"You need the best home exercise equipment to take your fibromyalgia exercise plan to the next level"

This section will help you to understand what the best home exercise equipment is for you. Even if you are going to a gym, you may not know how to use all the equipment available to you. Even worse, you may injure yourself not using the equipment correctly.

In the Home Exercise section of this site, we discussed the money and time you can save with an at home exercise program. Naturally you don't want to waste your money on exercise equipment that looks good on T.V., but does very little for your fibromyalgia exercise program.

There are 18 spots on your body, fibromyalgia trigger points, that cause you pain. The equipment you use should always provide you with sufficient Range of Motion. This simply means you want to avoid using stationary machines where you are locked into one position.

A healthy fibromyalgia exercise program should be functional, simulating your everyday chores.

Let me start by giving you the ultimate, number 1, best home exercise equipment around - Your Body. If you suffer from fibromyalgia pain, you may believe that your body is the enemy. Don't believe it. Your body is your biggest asset, your greatest ally. Begin to believe that you are strong.

There are so many body-weight exercise workouts available these days that it is possible to look and feel better using only what god gave you.

If you are looking to build a better body and relieve you fibromyalgia pain points there are a few pieces of equipment other than your body that may be useful.

Here's The Rundown: If you are a new comer to exercise or if you have been exercising for years - Dumbbells are the single most diverse piece of exercise equipment out there.

Once you get comfortable with your body weight fibromyalgia exercises, dumbbells would be the next piece of exercise equipment you would need. They are versatile and durable. They usually cost a dollar a pound so a 10 pound dumbbell should run you around 10 dollars.

The best thing about dumbbells for fibromyalgia exercise is they give you the most range of motion than any other piece of equipment.

Range of motion is the ultimate goal when exercising for fibromyalgia. Getting your muscles and joints as flexible as possible is imperative.

Start with light dumbbells, I would recommend 2 - 5 pound dumbbells to begin. Take it nice and light and have fun.

A simple exercise to begin with would be the dumbbell curls for your arms.

Just stand with your arms to your side palms facing up with dumbbells in hand. Keeping your elbows tucked into your sides just lift the dumbbells up to shoulder height before lowering them back down. 2 sets of 8 and work your way up from there.

Swiss Ball also called a stability ball. The best home exercise equipment for your core also known as your stomach.

This is a very inexpensive piece of equipment that can also be used as a bench. You can pick up a swiss ball anywhere these days.

If you are living with fibromyalgia this piece of equipment has many exercises for your lower back pain.

Kneel on the floor and place the Swiss ball in front of you approximately 2 feet. Place your hands on the ball, about six inches apart. Now lean forward at your hips and press your shoulders downward towards the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

Aerobic Step.

You can get a great workout using these. Just simply step up using one leg at a time. You can even use your steps at home.

Just concentrate on using your leg muscles to lift your body up. Keeping your core tight will help you do the work while exercising your mid section. You can start with 8 step ups a leg for 2 sets and increase the number from there.

As with any exercises for fibromyalgia, be sure to keep your back strait and always look forward. Elastic Bands.

These are over size rubber bands that can be used to apply slight resistance to your muscles and joints. If you are living with fibromyalgia the last thing you want to do is apply too much stress to these areas.

I would recommend these to anyone healthy or not, to get started on a quick and easy exercise routine. Unlike dumbbells these bands can be taken anywhere you have the room to exercise. Hotel rooms, office, literally anywhere.

They are inexpensive and can be found anywhere. They come in a variety of colors and weighted resistance. They also offer a wide range of motion when completing exercises with them.

Basically you can use them anytime you would use dumbbells.

These band are extremely useful to fibromyalgia sufferers as they do not add too much stress to the joints.


These are imported from Russia with love. They look like bowling balls with a large handle to grip. These have been around for many years and have gained popularity in the last 2-3 years because of the extreme results they produce.

These may not be the best home exercise equipment for you if you are new to exercise. I would suggest using them once you get comfortable using the above mentioned for a while.

Kettebells are great because of the short duration of whole body exercises for fibromyalgia you can accomplish with them.

You can workout every single muscle in your body using kettlebells in under 20 minutes. You can use them for exercises that can be completed with dumbbells.

You will find that kettlebells make exercises more challenging since the weight is off center. This will assist you in developing your stabilizer muscles, (the muscles surrounding your muscles).

Again start with a light weight. A 5 pound kettlebell should work fine until you get stronger.

These are just some of the best home exercise equipment available. If you watch television you will have seen the hundreds of exercise products being sold today.

If you are living with fibromyalgia, the question of what the best home exercise equipment is, should be important.

The more important question would be to ask yourself if you are committed to a healthier more abundant life.

If you are, than these pieces of exercise equipment will help you gain a huge advantage over your fibromyalgia symptoms.

Begin your fibromyalgia exercise plan - light, slow, and easy.

Think, Feel, and act healthy!

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