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Hello, Thanks for visiting Fibromyalgia Fitness.

Fibromyalgia-Fitness.com is about reviving your Dreams.

By harnessing your strength - physically and mentally, you will create a healthier more abundant life - at any age, anywhere.

You'll discover daily guidance that will motivate you to build a stronger life while diminishing your fibromyalgia pain and fatigue, so you can enjoy your life the way it deserves to be enjoyed - fully enjoyed!

It doesn't matter what the latest fibromyalgia research is doing or saying, by using your muscles, your heart, and your mind - you will be in charge of your fibromyalgia treatment.

Fibromyalgia-Fitness has been blessed with the opportunity to truly save peoples lives and give them a much brighter future..... How?..... By simply motivating them to exercise and follow a few simple steps nutritionally.

It is quite clear that fibromyalgia is real and must be dealt with head on.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you need to move and exercise more than anyone. It has been researched and proven, you can relieve your fibromyalgia fatigue and pain through fitness.

I have personally experienced the strength one acquires both physically and mentally from exercise. Unfortunately I have also experienced the early exit of close friends and family because they did not gather that strength.

I hope this website can be of some assistance to you through your journey.

With positive thinking and persistence you can do it!

Thanks again for visiting.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me.

Be Bold - Be Strong!

Eric Suarez, CPT.

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