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Your questions"
July 10, 2012

Your questions

Here is a great question from one of our subscribers.

Cyndi has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and is still able to exercise. It's the day after which causes her pain.

There is a quick video at the end using foam rollers. They are excellent at getting to those trigger/tender points.

Thanks for your question Cyndi!

"My question is about the day after exercise or activity. I can do many activities that I did before my diagnosis a year ago. Actually, doing the exercises is not the issue except for the severe lack of energy. I find that the day after I exercise, even after exercising regularly in short bursts each day, that I am not only wiped out but also have pain that feels like my muscles of been pulled. Again, even with regular exercise, this still happens. I have been tested and am gluten, soy and egg white intolerant. And thru elimination, eat no soft cheese, no added sugar/HFCS, no gluten, soy and egg whites. Even with all this, I have the pain, fatigue mentioned above, cannot loose any weight...have you heard about the type of pain I have? The pulled muscles the day after? Along with everything else? Sometimes it's in the form of spasms in those muscles so bad it hurts to breath and walkin because difficult BUT I have only stayed in bed all day long once, over a year ago, in the whole time I have had my symptoms in the last 15 years. Thanks for your time."


Thanks for your question.

Most of the time it's recommended that the day after exercises be in the form of some light stretches and relaxation. If you are exercising at a high intensity you may want to practice this also. I wonder what your exercises consist of??

Also for those tight muscles try using a rolling pin (like the one used to stretch out dough) or a foam roller to ease those nasty trigger points. It sometimes hurts but these rollers are good at getting to those tender/trigger points.

I have added a link to a few videos using foam rollers below. Check them out. Drink a lot of water.

Stay in touch Cyndi! Don't lose hope. God always helps those who help themselves!

Have a wonderful day...

Your foam roller video

Eric Suarez,CPT.


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