Your Easter gift!

It's Good Friday and Spring is in the air!

Hopefully it has given you a spring in your step. Spring is the time to begin moving our bodies a bit more outdoors, enjoying the things we lose sight of during the cold winter months.

The things we eat should also be from outside (not a factory). Green foods from the earth, fish from the sea, and if you are lucky...maybe fresh coconut water from a coconut tree.

It's a time to get excited again. A time to push yourself past your fibromyalgia symptoms and towards a terrific summer. The only thing that stands in your way is...You!

It's time to move aside and get out of your way. Let your mind, body, and heart, have a chance to get healthy and strong. It aint always easy - but it's always tremendously rewarding.

If you take a walk today go a little faster. Yoga today? go a little deeper. Stretch today? go a little further.

Maybe you are just beginning exercise for fibromyalgia, or maybe you need a week by week system to help you stay motivated. Here is a little incentive for you.

Invest in my 12 Week fitness system and use the promotion code fibrofit at checkout to receive $10 dollars off of the sales price.

Also included will be an additional 12 weeks of exercises for a total of 24 weeks of healthy fibromyalgia relief.

Read the testimonials and ask yourself if it's worth it!

It's not called Good Friday for nothing, Have a great Easter everyone!

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Eric Suarez,CPT


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