"Winter ready" by Eric Suarez

It’s October here in New York and I can already feel the chill in my bones. Not a good feeling for anyone, but especially for fibromyalgia sufferers. The thing is - I know it’s going to be a long, cold, winter, but what am I supposed to do, curl up in the fetal position until May?

I can’t do that and neither should you. In the winter months it’s especially important for you to move. You must keep that blood flowing and keep those muscles and joints loose. Now, exercise won’t be as easy or as comfortable as in the summer months, but it’s just as important to your fibromyalgia treatment.

Your 2 biggest obstacles will be motivation and the cold weather.

So here are 3 quick tips to put you on the fast track to exercise and health this winter, you can do it!

1. Who has the motivation to exercise in the cold? No one. The secret is to look past the winter. Don’t concentrate on the winter months. Instead begin to prepare your body for the spring/summer that is coming. Where do you want to travel this coming summer? What activity have you wanted to do for a while?

Go to your calendar, mark the date, and exercise towards that goal. As you exercise, picture that goal clearly in your head, focus on it, and believe it. Your mind will always look to accomplish what you truly believe in.

2. Your second road block will be the cold temperature. In the summer months I like to exercise in the early mornings. Winter - not so much. The winter mornings are always nice and chilly, not a good time to exercise. So instead I will get in my workouts after I have been up awhile and loosened up a bit. What usually helps? About a cup or 2 of Green tea. Not only will it warm you up but the little caffeine it has will give you the extra boost you need to get moving.

3. No sunlight? Don’t forget your vitamin D. Vitamin D is bountiful in the summer months as we soak it up from the sun. In the winter it’s a little harder to feel the sun. A good vitamin D supplement should help keep your immune system nice and strong. Exercise will not only keep your body loose this winter, it will also strengthen your immune system. Fibromyalgia plus a cold is never a good thing.

Bonus Tip: It’s called the “Law of Expectation”. It means focusing on expecting good things in your life. Forget about expecting more pain and fatigue. Make an effort to expect good health and a bright future.

As always, remain positive this winter and know that summer is just around the corner, so start planning…

Eric Suarez, CPT.


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