3 tips for your super bowl

This is going to be a quick one. Down at the Jersey shore and gotta take mom out for her birthday. Happy Birthday Ma!

Anyway, unless you live in Europe, where football is actually soccer,(Go Manchester United), tomorrow is the super bowl. Most of you will be eating and drinking a little more than usual. I know I will and that's o.k. just follow these quick 3 tips to stick to your fitness plan and keep your pain at a minimum.

1. H20/Water, whatever you call it, make sure you get enough of it tomorrow. As soon as you wake up drink a nice tall glass and repeat every hour, especially if you will be drinking alcohol.

2. Cut carbs at half time. No more bread, pasta, chips, or rice after half time.

3. Move. It's easy to sit on the couch for the entire game while eating and drinking. Unless you have one leg, you should be walking around. If your at a party; help clean up, walk across the room to meet someone new, or go crazy and do some squats in the bathroom, whatever you choose...just move!

We already know the Giants will win so I know it will be fun for us here in New York. Wherever you will be, I wish you a fun time and a lot of laughs.

Go Giants!

Eric Suarez,CPT.



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