Simple at home exercise

I would like to take a step back this week and slow down a bit. I know at times when I speak about exercising with fibromyalgia, I can get a little ahead of myself.

This week someone left a post on our fibromyalgiafitness YouTube channel. In brief, the post explained how I must be completely out of my mind to believe that fibromyalgia sufferers could actually do any of the exercises I was recommending.

I will admit at times it's easy to forget the extreme pain many of you endure, but I will always motivate and empower you to try your best.

Some of the exercises in the eBook and on the YouTube channel may be a little tough for some of you. Fear not, I have a simple exercise you can begin with - in the comfort of your home.

Now this may be a little easier for the females than the males since women are typically 15-20 percent stronger waist down. But I have faith in the males out there to give it a go.

It's called the Sit and Push, and it is one of the best all around exercises for fibromyalgia.

All you need is a chair and some water.

1. Stand tall in front of a chair - keep your back straight and your stomach tight, perfect posture is the key here. Slowly sit down with your hands at your sides.

2. Next you will slowly stand to your feet while extending your arms, hands, and fingers all pointed to the sky as if you were pushing yourself upward.

3. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat. optional - many people like to extend their toes at the top of the movement really pushing themselves upward.

Try to do as many as you can and rest 45 seconds in between each set.

For example - Sit and Push 5-10 times, rest for 45 seconds, than try again.

When you can do 10-12 repetitions 3 times - it's time to increase the number of repetitions.

Remember to move slowly while holding proper posture. Keep your stomachs tight and backs straight.

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The summer is quickly approaching. Lets meet it head on, healthy, and strong...

Faith is and will always be ACTIVE!

Your trainer...

Eric Suarez, CPT.


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