"Rest is overrated?" by Eric Suarez

The question from Tammy in Seattle Washington:

"Why are the rest times in the book so short. I thought that 60 seconds was the minimum rest time in between exercises."

Great question Tammy. Let me explain.

The old school of thought was that one should rest at least 60 seconds in between sets (exercises).

This was a rule set out by many big time bodybuilders of the past. Think "Arnold Swarzenegger" (think I spelled it right). Anyway 60 seconds is a good time to rest in between exercises if you are lifting heavy weight, like the "Terminator".

However, For what you need to accomplish 60 seconds is just a little to much. The program is geared to increase your heart rate and get your blood flowing to those tight muscles and achy joints.

The best way to accomplish this is through compact movements, like the single leg hip raise and little rest. You want to keep your heart pumping throughout your exercise session.

This will not only keep the blood flowing, it will also keep your sessions nice and short, (20-25 minutes).

I know it may be a little uncomfortable at first, but if you stick with the rest times listed you should feel a lot looser, and that's the name of the game.

Also this is going to get your metabolism super charged. You will be burning calories throughout the rest of your day. Don't forget to stick to the diet plan and drink lots of water.

Anyway Tammy I hope this explains a little more of why the short rest times are so important to this program. Stick with it and let me know how you feel after the first 12 weeks, maybe you can send us some before and after pictures.

To any one else who may have questions on the eBook - Fibromyalgia Fitness, 12 weeks to a healthier you! ,please don't hesitate to ask, as you see 1 question can help many, good luck.

Desire + Faith = Success!

Eric Suarez, CPT.



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