Your purpose...

What is it?

What's your purpose, what's the reason your here?

If your like most you had dreams and goals, then suddenley like a thief in the night fibromyalgia stole them away. You no longer have the desire or stregtnh to care much at all anymore.

I recieve your emails daily and want all of you to know, you have always had and will always have a purpose!

Here is the opening to my eBook "12 weeks to a Healthier you!"

"We all have one in life........ “A purpose!”

Unfortunately, from time to time, life will throw us a lemon to see what we do with it. Some lemons drop harder than others and some, well they just make you doubt your existence all together.

If you are suffering or have suffered from fibromyalgia I am sure you have doubted your purpose from time to time. I have good news. You still have, and will always have a purpose here.

No matter what your fibromyalgia may have you believe, you were meant to accomplish something. If you have lost your way or have never really deeply believed in your purpose, let “exercise” show you."

You see what I preach really begins inside. It begins in and transforms out.

Spend some time this weekend to reflect on the dreams you once had and the goals you have yet to achieve.

Then, do some form of exercise and get your mind together. Think of one step you can take on Monday to get you a little closer to your goal.

You can do it!

Speaking of dreams - Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Nancy for making mine come true...Love you!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Your motivator,

Eric Suarez, CPT.


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