"Erasing bad memories"

It's 100 degrees today here in New York.

"It's So Hot.... I saw two trees fighting over a dog!"

Anyway enough with the jokes.

The real reason for this newsletter today is to share something with you I came across in researching my next Fibromyalgia-Fitness exercise program.

It's extremely relevant to what many of you are going through so I didn't want to wait until the program was out to share it.

Researchers have discovered that once an animal learns to be afraid of something, that memory never leaves the amygdala, a part of the brain.

But according to Dr. Gregory Quirck of the University of Puerto Rico's school of medicine, a person can supersede those bad memories stored in the amygdala by forming new ones in the brain's prefontal cortex.

How? By repeating an action, any action, over and over, with the understanding that you are rewriting the bad memory.

What are you still fearing today?

What bad memories from your past are you still holding onto?

As much as I appreciate fitness and a healthy body, it always has - and always will begin with a healthy mind!

Move your body today and repeat forever. Begin to understand as the research is proving...Your mind is a terrible thing to waste!

FEAR - False-Evidence-Appearing-Real...

Eric Suarez,CPT.

Fibromyalgia Fitness, 12 weeks to a healthier you!


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