"Need more proof?" by Eric Suarez

Listen - I was never good at nagging people into improving themselves, their way of life, or their way of thinking. Fortunately for you, those days are over.

Fibromyalgia-Fitness.com is my pride and joy. It's not perfect and still has some work to be done.

But what matters most are the words and the motivation fibromyalgia sufferers worldwide need. Yes - I said "need". Not to nag but if you are not getting your daily fix of exercise, your letting yourself and your body down.

It's in the numbers people, the numbers just don't lie. In a study conducted on "exercise and fibromyalgia", by The U.S. National Library of Medicine - The World's Largest Medical Library, exercise wins over fibromyalgia...Hands Down!

We are talking about reduction in pain, overall well being, fewer active tender points, reduction in depression. These were just some of the study findings. Folks - fibromyalgia can be managed. Will it be easy...What is?

Now - your waiting for the big sales pitch for my eBook, Fibromyalgia Fitness, 12 weeks to a healthier you, right? - Wrong. If you are part of this newsletter I'm going to tell you to hold off buying the eBook for another few days.

The holidays are around the corner and I'm in the giving mood. In a few days I will put the eBook on sale for all the subscribers of this newsletter.

If you bought the eBook already (and I know who u are). You will be getting discounts on another project I have in the works. Until we speak again, stay positive and remember...The numbers don't lie - exercise is the answer!

P.S. If any of you are in the New York City area be sure to visit the New York Fibromyalgia Association at http://nyfibroassoc.com Kris and Karen are super helpful.

God Bless,

Eric Suarez, CPT.

www.fibromyalgia-fitness.com, "were just getting started!"


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