"Name your price"

Hello and happy fathers day weekend.

We realize that approximately 90% of our readers are female. More importantly we realize that many of you are holding down your households and families.

It's a weekend to be recognized for all you do...

Continue to be an important role model to your kids. Do not let fibromyalgia determine what you can or can't do for yourselves or your families.

Continue to exercise, continue to fight, continue to have faith.

My own dad passed away in 2007, but his lessons remain. He was a giver a real Go-Getter. So for him and for you today I have an offer which you can't refuse...

Go to www.fibromyalgia-fitness.com and order my 12 week eBook exercise system for whatever price you want.

You heard me right.

Buy the eBook this weekend for whatever price you enter. When you get to the paypal screen just edit your price.

The suggested retail price of the system is 24.99 but for this weekend only you get to determine your price.

1. This system has been proven time and time again to give fibromyalgia sufferers energy and motivation.

2. This system will do the same for you.

3. This system is not an overnight cure. It takes your dedication and belief to work.

4. This system needs to be purchased (at your price) today and you need to begin as soon as possible!

5. Happy fathers day again and much respect to all the Dads and Mom/Dads out their who are giving it all for their families.

"Click below" and name your price for your copy of Fibromyalgia-Fitness, 12 weeks to a healthier you!

Order today and name your price!!!


Eric Suarez, CPT and FIBRO-FITNESS!


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