"Face your giant" by Eric Suarez

Facing Fibromyalgia is like facing a giant...

You are scared, insecure, and anxious.

Then all of those emotions leave you flat and fatigued.

It's the cycle many Fibromyalgia sufferers face day in and day out. I wish I had the answer you needed or the remedy for your pain...

All I can do is offer up Motivation to propel you forward into a positive light, which to me, is even more important.

We all need motivation from time to time, even me.

Last Sunday I was flat out of motivation, I was doubting myself and the work I was doing for the website and upcoming book.

The only thing I was looking forward to was watching the women's world cup soccer game, The USA VS. Brazil...

The USA were facing their own giants that afternoon. Brazil had not lost a soccer game since 2009.

"Poor USA I thought..."

To my surprise the USA was holding their own. At the half it was a tie score which would mean the game would go into overtime...

"Poor USA I thought..."

What followed was one of the most incredible feats I have ever witnessed in my 39 years of watching sports.

Brazil scored in overtime and the USA was down to about 5 seconds before the game would be over...

The USA puled it off, and So can you!

Click the youtube link below to see for yourself...

The point is no matter what giant you face today, Fibromyalgia, unemployment, pain....

You don't ever, ever, ever, EVER give up!!!

P.S. the young lady who scored the final goal in penalty kicks to beat Brazil was ALI KRIEGER. In 2005 she suffered from clots in her lungs which nearly killed her after she had 6 mini heart attacks.


I would say she faced her giant pretty well...

Exceed, Exceed....Exceed!

Eric Suarez,



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