"Keep your chin up!" by Eric Suarez

Thank you to all who have purchased the book - Fibromyalgia Fitness, 12 Weeks To A healthier You!.

From England to Oregon, Fibromyalgia sufferers worldwide have initiated their own treatment and are getting stronger.

If you have begun the training program, you should be in your second or third week of the exercises. I just wanted to give you a little encouragement, as these are the weeks some folks find most difficult.

It is usually around the third and fourth weeks most people get impatient, wanting to see and feel the results.

The bad news - Results don't come that fast...

The good news - If you work hard and belive in yourself, the results MUST come!

As the title implies, you must "keep your chin up!" Your workouts and your confidence depend on it!

As you complete the exercises listed in the book, keep your chin up so you don't injure your back or your neck. If you complete the exercises looking down, you put yourself in a position to get hurt.

Also, as the weeks move on and you get a little sore and discouraged, make sure you "keep your chin up" when walking around. Begin to move with ease, strut around, be proud of what you are accomplishing.

Remember, you are moving away from fibromyalgia and closer to good health, it won't be easy, but what in life really is?

Don't lose confidence in yourself, walk tall and with pride. "Keep your chin up" and believe that you are getting stronger, physically and mentally.

Nothing in life can take the place of persistence and patience. Keep at the exercise program, keep believing, and most of all...

"Keep your chin up!"

Eric Suarez, CPT.



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