"It takes work" by Eric Suarez

Nothing in life comes easy - especially if you suffer from fibromyalgia.

That being said...

You can have a healthy, happy, satisfying life, even with fibromyalgia.

But...Your going to have to work for it. Exercising, eating right and stressing less are all real ways to combat your pain and fatigue.

I have a client who told me she quit her fibromyalgia support group because all anyone did was "complain."

Although I do understand where she was coming from, I advised her to go back and share her motivation for exercise with the group.

I guess what I am trying to get at is...

When it comes to your fibromyalgia, feeling sorry for yourself and continuing to feed your mind negative thoughts won't help you.

At some point you must decide to:

A) Commit yourself to finding healthy alternatives to beat it.


B) Allow fibromyalgia to decide what you do and how you do it.

Use the challenges you face today to motivate you to a better tomorrow.

Like Renee Downing from WWW.Radbody.net explained in our interview.

"Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia actually made me feel better. I now had a name for all of my pain, anxiety and fatigue. It also gave me the motivation to change, and do whatever it took to get rid of these symptoms."

Commit yourself to moving forward and taking some action in fighting your fibromyalgia.

Exercise, Yoga, Acupuncture, and Massages are just some of the things available to you today.

Pick one and go for it.

If one doesn't work try another.

Don't let what you can't do, interfere with what you can do."

To your success,

Eric Suarez



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