"gobble-gobble" by Eric Suarez

Well it's that time of year again. Time to eat and be merry and that's exactly what you should do. Usually I would tell you to watch the carbs, the fats, and the deserts. But you get a break this year, as long as you commit yourself to doing some type of exercise on friday, eat up.

It's been a long year that is drawing to a close very quickly. Some of you have endured great pain and difficulty this year. Others have lost their jobs, their friends, and some family members. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome don't make things any easier.

Yes, all in all this year like all the earlier ones have had their up's and downs, but you've made it, and you will continue to make it as long as you remain positive.

So eat what you want this thanksgiving and feel good about it! - you deserve it. Just remember - Friday your going to have to move it and feel good about it! Need some help? Fibromyalgia Fitness, 12 weeks to a healthier you! is probably the answer you've been waiting for.

Grab it before Saturday when it goes from $12.99 back up to it's original price of $19.99. Buy yourself a smart piece of health this holiday season - one that keeps on giving!!!

Have a super Thanksgiving everyone, Be safe and enjoy your meal.

Watch the carbs...(couldn't help myself)

Sincerely - your fitness turkey,

Eric Suarez, CPT.



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