"The most important Question" by Eric Suarez

Life is full of them............Questions.

Why is the sky blue?

Why do I have to pay taxes?

Where are my car keys?

Questions are good, they make us think. Kids question everything and that is how they learn.

Unfortunately as we get older we lose our curiosity and willingness to learn new things.

We get complacent, we continue to eat poorly, we continue to rely on medication to heal us.

That's fine for some people, not you!

You want a better life - a better future......

So, I am going to give you the single most important question you need to ask yourself every single day, until it becomes a habit.

The most important question you need to ask yourself is:

"Is this making me healthy?".........

Ask yourself this question every time you, eat, stress, party, worry, eat, smoke, drink or medicate yourself.

The more you question yourself, the more you will think....

The more you think about your actions, the healthier you will become.

Don't be a "Anthony WEINER"..........Think!

Life is meant to be enjoyed, fully to the max!

Use this simple question, and begin to see the positive changes in your daily habits...

"Is it making you healthy?"

If not - move on...........

To your success,

Eric Suarez

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