"Working with failure" by Eric Suarez

The fear of Failure can paralyze us.

How many things have you wanted to try?

How has fear played into your actions?

The fear of failure strikes everyone - Me, You, President Obama!

We are all the same.

The bigger question is:

"why does failure destroy some people, yet makes others stronger?"

The Secret is, they let failure teach them, turning their past defeats into learning experiences....

I would list my own Fears and Failures for you, but I don't think you have the time or the stomach for them.......

But, if I let all of them paralyze me, I would not be writing this newsletter, attempting to bring a healthier lifestyle to you.

The fact is, Anything is achievable, you just have to work for it......through your fear and failures.

Learn from your mistakes, they will be the most valuable of all lessons learned.

Don't keep repeating the same mistakes, taking nothing away from them.

Unless your name is Jesus Christ, your going to fail from time to time, don't be so hard on yourself.

How many times do you think Thomas Edison failed before creating the light bulb?

6,000 times!

This leaves me 5,834 more attempts at creating a healthier world!

How about you?

If you have attempted to exercise before and failed because of your pain or fatigue.........Don't Give Up!

Try something different - Yoga, Tai Chi, Kick Boxing.

If you have tried to diet before and failed, give it another try.

Don't give up on yourself to soon.

Whatever you have wanted to do for a while, I would urge you to do it Today!

Don't let another minute go by, letting your past failures paralyze you.

Forget your problems today and focus on your Possibilities........

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".

Thomas A. Edison-

To your success,

Eric Suarez,



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