"Lessons from Puerto Rico" by Eric Suarez

Lesson 1

It was about a week ago.

I was playing in the sand with my 2 year old daughter when my brother in law told me that he saw a ghost on the beach.

I laughed for a second before realizing he was talking about me.

Living in the North East is tough. We haven't seen the sun in months. That's not good!

The sun is VITAMIN D. We all need this vitamin for healthy bones and skin.

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, I can guarantee that you are lacking this vitamin.

What about skin cancer?

Doctors suggest 20 minutes a day is sufficient. It will give you energy and keep your skin glowing.

Epidemiologists estimate that 55 men die prematurely from prostate cancer from too little sun, for every man that dies from too much sun.

Lesson 2

Coconut Water is the BOMB!

It tastes great, contains electrolytes, is low in calories, high in potassium, helps intestinal problems, is low in fat, low in carbs, relieves high blood pressure, and taste good with Rum!

It is no wonder that Merrill Lynch notes that within 5 years the U.S. coconut industry went from zero to 35 million!

Drink up!

Lesson 3

Rest and Relax as much as possible!

There will always be deadlines, work, school, meetings.

If you don't take time to Chill, there will also be a lot of Doctors visits!

You don't have to go on vacation to relax.

"No matter where you go, there you are"

When the pressure and stress of life starts to increase, and the physical pain begins, take a time out.

I know your not a two year old, but it's the best thing for you.

Lock yourself in the bathroom for a minute and breathe!

Take a little mental vacation.

Your body will love you for it.

Lesson 4

Crow like a Rooster!

Take bold action!

Be proud of yourself, your making positive changes that will help your mind and body get stronger.

Getting physically healthy and looking better will give you a nice supply of confidence.

Like the Roosters of Puerto Rico,

"Keep moving forward, Never back........Always forward !!

To your success,

Eric Suarez....



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