"Perseverance Counts" by Eric Suarez

I learned many things from my father, some good, some better.

Perseverance, pushing on, finding strength in pain, were the best lessons of all.

Pain comes in many forms - physical, mental, emotional.

If you are willing to go through it, on the other end awaits Growth - physical, mental, emotional.

I am different than I was 4 years ago, we all are.

But what have you really learned about yourself in the last 4 years, what has your pain taught you about yourself?

Are you stronger, healthier, the same?

Where are you going to be in 4 years on April 18, 2015?

Will you be stronger, healthier, the same?

Before any goal or accomplishment comes Desire.

Getting healthier, losing weight, and becoming happier all begin with a desire.

Unfortunately, desire alone will not guarentee your successs.

Perseverance is needed, it is the only thing that will grant you success, nothing else will even come close.

Humans have always been able to accomplish amazing things, first with the desire followed up by perseverance.

Get healthy, get strong, lose weight, but please remember without perseverance it will be tough.

Make up your mind today to persevere - no matter what the circumstances. Whatever pain you feel today - fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, I urge you to push through it, moving forward, and pressing on to the other side, where growth awaits.

In exercise it is always the last repetition, the last movement, when you think you cannot do one more - It is that repetition that produces the greatest growth.

It's easy to get discouraged and want to quit, Don't!

Your success, your health, and your future are counting on you.

Fight through your pain today, tomorrow, and the day after that.

Perseverance counts - always has - always will.

To your future!

Eric Suarez



Miss you Dad!


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