"How to lose 1 pound" by Eric Suarez

Fibromyalgia is tough on the joints.

You want to be as light, and as nimble as you can be, to ease the stress you put on them.

The easiest advice I can give you in losing weight is:

"Lose a pound".

From there, the ball gets rolling and you'll be on your way.

It's tough to start a diet thinking, I am going to lose 10 pounds this month, just in time for the summer".

Sorry - "It's not gonna happen", and if it does, your gonna feel like crap.

Forget losing pounds - Instead think pound.

The Math:

1 pound of Fat equals 3,500 calories

So for example, if you want to gain 1 pound tomorrow, eat seven Big Macs equaling around 3,700 calories.

Now, if you wanted to lose 1 pound tomorrow, just burn 3,500 calories.

Lets say you weigh 150 pounds and are 5'3''.

Just sleeping for 6 hours you'll burn 514 calories.

Housework for an hour = 180 calories burned.

"Shopping" for an hour = 165 calories burned.

Driving for an hour = 115 calories burned.

Yard work for an hour = 857 calories burned.

Resting for 13 hours = 929 calories burned.

You just burned off 2,246 calories doing simple things.

Now lets say you mixed in a brisk 25 minute walk - another 125 calories.

Obviously you will be eating replenishing your calories, but that's o.k. as long as you are eating the right foods...........proteins, vegetables, healthy fats.

Anything you can do throughout your day which burns calories must be done.

Every calorie counts.

Dance for 25 minutes and burn 179 calories, it really dosen't matter what the activity is.

Just breathing you'll burn calories.

Remember the numbers:

3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat

Burn 3,500 calories in a week - lose 1 pound of fat

I think the latter will serve you better in your pain relief and your future.

A. Lose 1 pound at a time using simple math.

B. Read the labels of your food choices.

C. Move as much as you can throughout your day.

To your your success,

Eric Suarez,



This newsletter is dedicated to my friend Troy Perez from Advanced Personal Training in N.J. - Stay positive brother, were praying for you!


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