"3 Feet From Gold" by Eric Suarez

Welcome to another installment of the Fibro-Fit newsletter. Today will be brief and to the point. I am a rabid reader, always in search of valuable information.

I have recently read one chapter of the legendary book by Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich".

Although you may think the title refers to material riches, it also reveals secrets to the riches, we can all find in life and health.

The book reveals a "mind set", that we should all grasp for a happier and healthier life, no matter what our circumstances.

The first chapter "Three Feet From Gold", tells the story of a "Gold Miner", who in an attempt to grow rich, during the famous "Gold Rush", spent all of his wealth, in his pursuit of riches.

To make a long story short - He gave up his dream after only finding a minimal supply of gold.

When he quit, another miner bought all of his equipment, and guess what..............3 feet into his own search, discovered over a million dollar supply of gold.

3 Feet!

Before any success in a persons life, he is sure to be met with pain and defeat. When pain and defeat overtake a person, the easiest thing to do is quit. That is exactly what most people do.

Not you!

Do not quit. You are only 3 feet away from a happier, healthier life . Don't quit to early. Your health and strength are around the corner.

Like I address at my website, it takes patience and persitence to overcome fibromyalgia, and whatever other wall which stands in your way.

Stay positive! Stay motivated!

Your best days are right in front of you...........................3 feet away!

This newsletter is dedicated to:

Christine Oliver, Anne Ward, and Roxanne Ross......Thanks for all of your support this week.

Keep your heads up ladies...........You Rock!

Eric Suarez


p.s. the book "Think & Grow Rich" can be downloaded for free at a number of sites on the internet. Do yourself a favor and get it now!


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