"5 Reasons to keep moving" by Eric Suarez

As my personal training service has grown, so has the influx of women suffering from fibromyalgia. A painful syndrome which effects the muscles and joints.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you have pain. Pain equals stress and stress, well........it equals more pain. You see the cycle. More pain breeds more stress and so on.

Even If you don't suffer from fibromyalgia, I bet you have some form of stress. Job stress, relationship stress, kid stress, husband stress....

This type of stress breeds fatigue, weight gain and well,...........more stress.

Exercise on the other hand, although a little uncomfortable and inconvenient at times breeds relief. Relief from stress, anxiety, and pain (emotional and physical).

The following 5 tips are to motivate you to take a closer at yourself, your health, and your future!

"5 Reasons to keep moving"

Reason #1 "Because your life depends on it"

I am writing this on March 20, 2011, exactly 4 years to the date that my father suffered a devastating stroke in which he never recovered.

I am sure if he could do it all over again, he would reduce the stress and move a little more. The latest research states that you can add an hour to your life for each hour you exercise.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you need to move more than the average person.

The old school research had you believe that rest was what you required - "Wrong" - to much rest breeds "muscle atrophy" - it is the partial or complete wasting away of muscle leading to more fatigue and weakness.

Exercise is now being prescribed to cancer patients to keep their muscles functional.

Reason #2 "Because your family depends on you"

Got kids????

Well exercise for them. When I don't feel like training or feel a little sorry for myself I think of my girls.

I want to walk them down the aisle someday. I want to be here for them and help them through life.

If you are not currently on a exercise program and have kids you need to take a hard look at yourself.

No kids??? well then exercise to look good so you can attract a good looking partner to have good looking kids.

Do it for the children - Really do you want someone else running after your two year old????..........Don't answer that.

Reason #3 "It's Free"

The typical co payment for a Doctors visit is $15.00. A push up is free. You can do these in your own home. I train at home and I train my clients at their homes.

Are you spending money on a gym membership that you rarely use? Put that money in your pocket and get some dumbbells and a stability ball. Workout at home to save time and money. Plus you could look as funky as you want.

Make a schedule the week before. Write down your exercise goals for the week and stick to it. It could be exercising mon. wed. and fri. for 25 minutes.

My business is fitness. I know all the supplements and all the promises. There is nothing out there that takes the place of "free" exercise.

It costs time but the results will be worth it, I promise.

Reason #4 "More Energy"

Lack of energy is rampant these days. People are just slugging along looking for the closest star bucks. There is no energy you can get "legally", from anything else like that of exercise.

Exercise produces 2 hormones within us called "Endorphins" and Serotonin".

Both of these produce mood altering "good feeling" hormones which help us reduce pain, stress, and fatigue. The only way to get these two hormones is through exercise.

Reason #5 "Confidence"

My approach to exercise is this:

First and foremost exercise is required to have a happy -"HEALTHY" life. Void of Doctors and medical bills.

Looking good and feeling confident are just the secondary benefits of exercise.

If you are lacking confidence somewhere in your life today you need to exercise. You need to think positively and know that you can do anything you want if you put your mind and Body to it.

I have seen the effects of fibromyalgia on women. I have also seen their bodies and confidence strengthened through exercise.

There are few things in this life that will bolster your confidence like that of a natural body transformation.

Just a little motivation to keep you focused on the important things in life.....take care of your body....you only get one.

If you know someone suffering from fibromyalgia please forward this email to them.

Thanks for your time,



"The future is not a gift, it is an achievement"

Robert F. Kennedy


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