A quick "fibro" exercise video

It is said that we learn 25% from hearing, 35% from seeing and about 75% from doing that which we see and hear.

If you have only read these emails or visited the website without checking out our exercise videos your doing yourself a great disservice. The videos are simple, easy, practical and best of all ...Free!

The videos can be seen on the website; www.fibromyalgia-fitness.com - under the title "fitness videos".

April is almost here and you need to get with it if you want to have a good spring and a better summer this year. It takes work and a lot of courage to combat fibromyalgia. Have faith in yourself and in your abilities.

It does not matter what your Doctors have told you or what you have read before. Fibromyalgia can be contained, it can be lived with, fully and happily.

This week I have heard from women who are really fighting fibromyalgia. Irene Baena from England actually boxes in a boxing ring. She knows her limits, but she doesn't limit herself, and neither should you!

"When I'm sparring, punching, moving, ducking...I feel very good, very proud of myself and I see myself as a normal healthy person, despite all the pain it causes me. I feel more confident and I trust my body again. If some day I'm not feeling very well, I do what I can, I don't try to push myself too hard because I know my limits and I respect them. That's the deal I made with my body: it lets me train but I have to respect its limits." Irene Baena

Thank you for the encouragement Irene...Keep kickin butt!

To the video...

A simple fibromyalgia exercise video

Eric Suarez, CPT.



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