I don't belong to a gym, but yesterday I trained a client in massive, big chain gym, here in New York.

2 very important lessons I learned in that hour...

A) Now I know why I don't belong to a gym. First off - as soon as I entered the gym I thought I was in a pizzeria. "Oh - it's free pizza every Monday", the receptionist explained to me. There had to be 50 boxes of high carb, high fat, starchy pizza, as you entered and exited the place. Eat Pizza, get fat - Keep coming back to the gym to lose weight...wtf!

B) Second lesson and the most important. It was the first time I had ever seen a group of special needs people training in a gym. A van full of special needs folks and their counselors found their way to the gym yesterday and I couldn't have been more inspired - talk about being bold!

"Boldness is an opposite of being shy. A bold person may be willing to risk shame or rejection in social situations."

Have you been to the gym?

Have you gone for a walk outside without feeling self conscious about your pain?

Others are doing it every day, and some of them have it a lot worse than you. It's a hard cold fact! Get over it and get moving.

Fibromyalgia should not be the "be all - end all of your existence."

Learn to take a risk or 2 in the name of your health. Just promise me you'll lay off the pizza...

"The only easy day was yesterday" - SEAL motto

Until we meet again,

Eric Suarez, CPT



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