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Never quit!
September 16, 2012


What a week...

I'm sure a few of you had a similar one. My family is on the verge of losing someone extremely important to us. However difficult fibromyalgia may seem to deal with - Cancer beats it ten fold! Keep us in your prayers.

It's easy to get down and depressed - to drink, to run away and forget your problems - but that will get us no where. Ultimately we must all face our problems , our past, and our fears of the future. We must see our adversity and lean into them, face them head on.

Aside from my work with this company - I have been in Law Enforcement for 12 years. I have seen death, abuse, neglect. It takes strong people to get up and move past the adversity.

Are you strong enough??

The good news is - once you take a stance to move past your adversity - God has an extremely wonderful way of making the dark things in our lives Bright and hopeful...

Take a stance against your adversity today, don't run from it. Make a commitment to meet it head on this week!

As the motto goes;

"The only easy day was yesterday!"

For this week only -

use the code word "Hope" at checkout when you purchase;

Fibromyalgia Fitness, 12 weeks to a healthier you! and invest in this proven system for only $5.00.

Make your move! Press forward toward the destiny God has for you this week!

You can do it - it's a fact!

We Love u Lucy!!!

Eric Suarez, CPT

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