"Your Labor Day" by Eric Suarez

I Hope you all have a healthy and safe Labor day.

I'm on my way out with the family to a BBQ and just wanted to send a quick snippet from the upcoming eBook, Fibromyalgia-Fitness, The 12 week exercise guide to healthy living..

In celebration of Labor Day, I wanted to share a little about the Introduction of the book titled "Moving with a purpose"...

Suffering from pain and fatigue can leave you feeling like you have nothing to contribute, nothing to give back, No purpose.

Not only is that mindset negative, but if you don't remove it, soon enough your subconscious will believe it....

The chapter explains that we all have some purpose here. We all play an important role in this society.

The chapter also reveals the mindset you need to move forward, physically and mentally to accomplish things you never thought fibromyalgia would let you accomplish.

Labor day is the one day throughout the year in which we celebrate "Our" contributions as workers.

So if only for today - remove any and all self defeating thoughts and start to think about the upcoming year and what you will contribute.

what is it you love to do...What's your purpose ?"

Don't worry about the pain, fatigue or even the money. Just think about putting yourself to good use for the enhancement of others.

No job? There were more millionaires made in the Great Depression than any other time in history...

So today think long and hard about your purpose and where you will be next Labor Day...

Enjoy "Your Labor Day" - you deserve it!!

"There is no other road to health and success than through self effort"

To your success,

Eric Suarez, CPT.



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