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Tips from Renee Downing"
August 01, 2012

Exercise and diet tips from Renee Downing

Last week I sent you a sample of the interview I completed with Personal trainer and fibro sufferer, Rennee Downing, from RADBODY personal training in California. We recieved a ton of positive feedback from all of you, so we decided to give you some more of the interview from Fibromyalgia Fitness, 12 weeks to a healthier you!

E.S. Has exercise and diet relieved your pain and fatigue? Has it taken away the stress?

“It's done all of those things. It never has completely relieved my pain and fatigue. But I know other sufferers who don't exercise and I feel really blessed. I totally believe that my diet and exercise is 90% of why I can live a full life with this condition.”

E.S. Are there any exercises you don't do because of your fibromyalgia?

“I try not to run. I try not to do to much high impact stuff. If I get a real boost of energy I may try some kick boxing. Usually if I try to run, after a few weeks something will happen physically. My back may begin to get sore and I won't run anymore. Other than running there are not to many exercises I stay away from.”

E.S. Are you active in weight training?

“Yes! I lift heavy. I love being strong. When I do have a flare-up I will cut down. But when I'm feeling good, I love to lift heavy, although - I would never start a fibromyalgia client lifting heavy. That would probably send them into a serious flare. Sufferers should work their way up to it.”

E.S. Speaking of your flares. Do you feel them coming on? Are you able to adjust your activities? “Yes, I’ve gotten better at that throughout the years. I still struggle with it. Every time I get a flare I can look back and say, That’s where it started. I learn from each one. I have gotten a lot better at spotting them or where they are coming from.”

E.S. Are there things you don't eat because of your fibromyalgia? “Yes there are a few things. I stay away from night shade plants - Eggplant, Potatoes, Green peppers, and Tomatoes. There was a study suggesting they cause fibromyalgia sufferers more pain. Once in awhile if I eat french fries or green pepper, I will definitely feel more pain. Years ago I was a egalitarian and I was very strict with my diet. I stayed away from unhealthy carbohydrates, I drank a lot of water and ate a lot of vegetables. It was during that time that I felt the best, I was more energetic. I’ve been thinking lately about trying the vegetarian diet again.”

Thanks Renee!

If anyone knows of any other fibromyalgia super stars please let us know, maybe you?

Keep Moving forward...

Eric Suarez,CPT

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