"Begin with the end"

Thanks to everyone who has participated in last weeks Question and Answer forum. Rachel has gotten some really good advice and others have also shared their stories.

From now on the questions I receive will be posted onto the Fibromyalgia Forum at the web site - http://bit.ly/mKf2Mc

This way everyone can see the questions and answers of others. Terri from Australia will be the latest entry, please find a quick second to give her any useful advice you may have.

Now, onto "beginning with the end." Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia struggle with exercise. It's not because exercise is hard or because they are in too much pain. The real reason many sufferers do not exercise comes down to FEAR

They fear the unknown. They say things like "I have tried so many times before and have failed" or "I know it will only cause me more pain". Believe it or not people actually fear losing weight and being healthy, they fear change.

This is a fear that is false and only survives because we mentally visualize the wrong things. Maybe you see yourself as getting healthy and strong, but not being the same person or having the same friends...

So what can you do? How can you combat the fear which fibromyalgia has left you with? By visualizing the right things, by imagining your future healthier, stronger, helping others who stand where you once stood.

Dr. Charles Garfield is an american Psychologist who has done extensive research on world class athletes and other peak performers. The main thing his research has shown is that almost all of them are visualizers. They are able to see it; feel it; and experience their positive outcomes before they actually complete them.

They begin their training with the positive end in mind. Before giving up on exercise for fibromyalgia, see clearly and vividly what positive outcomes you truly desire...

"FEAR - F alse. E vidence. A ppearing. R eal."

Eric Suarez, CPT.



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