5 tips to beat "fibro fog"

"Fibro fog" is that annoying, confused, forgetful state so many of you find your self in. Whether it's forgetting where you placed your car keys or forgetting what you were just thinking about, understand that over 9 million fibromyalgia sufferers are living with the "fog."

It's another reason why I like to keep my newsletters short and to the point. So without further adieu, 5 tips to keep your "fibro fog" in check.

1. Check your medication - Read the labels and ask your Doctor what the side effects are. Maybe it's not your fibro after all.

2. Eat better - The fact is we are what we eat. Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day and stay clear of any processed foods. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats can make a big difference.

3. Breathe - Fibromyalgia sufferers need to concentrate on breathing deeply and often. It's a fact that while under pressure and fatigue, sufferers actually do forget to breathe which in turn creates more fog.

4. Create a routine - Establishing routines for simple tasks can help a great deal. Keep things in the same place (keys, tools, pots, pans.)

5. Exercise - There is no better way to get your blood flowing and improve your sleep. Better sleep, better blood flow, better concentration.

You can do it

Eric Suarez, CPT



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