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Got Fibro Neck Pain?
November 13, 2020

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you are aware of the pain it causes and the many places on your body it affects. Early symptoms of fibromyalgia includes neck pain. The pain is usually described as deep, sharp, and burning.

If you also have headaches, shoulder pain or arm pain, they can all be resulting from your constant neck pain. Were you in a accident, did you suffer from whiplash. Normally your neck will tense up to protect your spine but should loosen up after a few days. For some reason this is not always the case with fibromyalgia and the muscles stay stiff. This can also happen as a result of stress and myofascial pain syndrome which can result in trigger points at the neck and shoulders.

You may not have fibromyalgia, maybe you are sitting at a computer all day. Your neck was never meant to look at a computer all day. It has muscles that require movement on a regular basis. It's important that you take casual breaks, every 15 minutes should work.

They will tell you that it's not curable. Exercise is the only fibromyalgia natural cure. Exercises for neck pain is where it begins.

Make no mistake about it, neck pain is treatable.

Talk to your doctor but be cautious about surgery, Doctors are quick to put you under the knife these days. 99 percent of fibromyalgia sufferers do not need surgery and can be treated with physical fitness.

Exercises for neck pain are relaxing and show great rewards. These are exercises and stretches that will help you with movements you do everyday. They will reduce your headaches caused my tension and may even relive your fibromyalgia fog.

If you are sitting at a desk you can do these exercises sitting otherwise stand up.

Head Tilt

* Look strait

* Gently pull down from the opposite side of the head.

* Hold stretch for 15 seconds.

* Repeat on other side.

Head Turn

* Turn your head to one side as far as comfortably possible

* Place one hand on the chin and gently push

* Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on other side. Chin Drop

* Stand with feet shoulder width apart arms to down to your side

* Slowly drop your head to the floor bringing your chin to your chest

* Hold for 15-25 seconds then release lifting your head

* Complete 3 sets

Reach Behind Head Tilt

* Stand with feet shoulder width apart arms down to your side

* Reach behind and pull down on the wrist of the opposite arm.

* Hold for 15-25 seconds

* Repeat on other side

Standing Superman

* Stand tall with neck long

* Reach both arms to the sky like you were going to fly

* Get on your tippy toes and suck in your stomach bringing your belly button to your back

* Keep your "neck long" and hold for 10-15 seconds

* Repeat 3 sets


* Looking strait begin gently rotating your head clockwise

* Repeat to the other side

* Complete 10 rotations to each side

I hope you get a chance to try these movements and hope they do you some good.

Be well everyone-

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