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Massage and Meditation
November 20, 2020


Who doesn't like a massage once in awhile? The funny thing is I have spoken with some of my clients who really don't care for them. The goal of using massage for fibromyalgia is to release your muscular tension. This release in tension is beneficial to fibromyalgia fatigue. These days you can purchase a simple massage gun, typically called a Percussion Massage Device. These a great instruments which enable you to focus on your own trigger points. They are not cheap but well worth the money, think Investment.


How would you like to take a break from reality and your fibromyalgia once in awhile.

With meditation for fibromyalgia, let your calming thoughts take you away to another place. Allow your thoughts to take a break from your daily grind and give your spiritual self some attention.

Meditation for fibromyalgia has shown to improve your outlook on life and keep you serene.

Professional Athletes use meditation when they are not performing well and need to gain focus. If you suffer from fibromyalgia you are guaranteed to lose your focus from time to time. There a a bunch of free and useful Apps you can download. Headspace and Calm are 2 popular ones. You can also search meditation in Youtube to listen to other free videos to help you relax.

No matter your circumstances, loved ones, good friends, your future, your health - all deserve your focus.

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