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Get moving!
January 08, 2013

Get moving !

It's 2013!

No more excuses! Your fibromyalgia and your waistline depend on exercise and a healthy eating plan.

Here are 5 steps to get you moving in the right direction this year!

1. Ask yourself why you want to exercise. Don't be vague with your answers. Spell it out, for example;

"Exercise will help me lose the weight needed to reduce my fibromyalgia symptoms, give me more energy, let me think more clearly, make me sexier, lift my mood, and help me sleep better.

2. Now list all of your excuses for not exercising. Then fight each excuse with a plan of action to overcome that obstacle.

3. Set small goals and establish ways to reward yourself for each accomplishment. Be specific. A goal may be, "I will walk briskly for 10 minutes" or "I will complete one of Eric's FREE exercise videos on his Fibromyalgia Fitness YouTube channel

4. Keep an exercise log and diet journal to monitor your progress. In your diet journal use 2 colors. Use blue for all of the foods you eat. Use red for all of the foods you wanted to eat but passed up on (because your so disciplined!)

5. Reward yourself with stars on a calender for days when you exercise. Then reward yourself when you get more than 5 stars. Then go out and buy yourself something!

Just a few tips to push you to the beautiful new self you will become this year.

No fear, don't think about it, just have faith and know that 2013 was created for you!

2013....Bring it on!

Your Coach, your friend,

Eric Suarez, CPT.

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